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READY.  SET.   Let’s GO. Delivering a greener final mile.

TORONTO, April 21, 2023 — FleetOptics is excited to announce our partnership with a local cycle logistics company, nrbi, to introduce a new delivery service in Toronto.  Starting in April 2023, we will be utilizing their fleet of high-capacity electric-assist cargo bikes and micro hubs to provide additional final mile delivery solutions in urban centers, starting with downtown Toronto.   This logistics partnership will further our efforts in providing our customers with eco-friendly deliveries!

Cargo bikes are a great alternative to conventional delivery vehicles as they are compact, agile, and can navigate through congested urban areas with ease.   They also offer several benefits including reduced traffic congestion, lower carbon emissions, and improved air quality.

At FleetOptics, we are committed to creating a more sustainable delivery solution and have taken huge strides to reducing our environmental impact and integrating sustainability into our core business operations.   We are constantly optimizing our delivery routes and making sure we get your packages delivered RIGHT THE FIRST TIME to limit emissions.

Check out some of the other things we are working on!


We use +500 reusable gaylords and +3,000 reusable delivery totes and bags eliminating use of wooden pallets, corrugate and shrink wrap.


Starting back in 2019, we invested in new electric vehicles for greener deliveries and added an electric cargo bike in Vancouver in 2022. The nrbi e-bike partnership and additional electric cargo vans will continue to provide eco-friendly options.


Keeping our drivers’ safe is always top of mind, therefore we partnered with ecoTank to install windshield washer fluid dispensers at our sites to ensure our drivers always have a clear line of sight to do their best work.  In doing so, we also eliminated over 1,500lbs of plastic jugs from the landfills yearly.

We are thrilled to be partnering with nrbi to offer this new delivery service. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and providing our customers with a more sustainable and efficient delivery options.  With electric cargo bikes, we can deliver parcels faster and more efficiently while also contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

– Louise Chan, Senior Director of Product Development at FleetOptics

FleetOptic’s new delivery service with ebikes is available in select urban areas and will gradually expand to other regions.

Partnering with FleetOptics’ combines the reach and scale of a large logistics network with the sustainability and agility of cycle logistics. Together, we can create a more innovative and sustainable delivery system that reduces carbon emissions, traffic congestion, and promotes a more livable and sustainable future for our cities.

– Ivan Waissbluth, Director of Business Development at nrbi

To learn more about our journey to reduce carbon emissions, our commitment to the planet and about nrbi, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team today!

About FleetOptics

FleetOptics provides dedicated customers with final-mile logistics and transportation solutions. Our world-class technology provides live communication between our drivers and our clients for Final-Mile Logistics, fuelled by GPS satellite tracking via web and smartphone-based applications. FleetOptics Access – our proprietary suite of online tools, offer your managers peace of mind by providing them a transparent view of where your parcel is at all times and helps your business reduce transportations and administrative costs while improving overall productivity. Final-Mile delivery has seen rapid growth and will continue to do so to meet the demands of increased e-commerce online shopping. Delivery standards are rapidly changing, and FleetOptics delivery velocity combined with our advanced technology separates us from the competition.

About nrbi

nrbi’s (nearby) mission is to transform urban logistics and create healthier, more liveable cities. Whether you’re a local independent shop, multi-store business, online retailer, or wholesaler, nrbi delivers flexible, cost-effective, zero-emission logistics solutions. Leveraging a fleet of high-capacity, electric-assist cargo bikes and micro hubs strategically located throughout Toronto, nrbi is able to support efficient local logistics operations throughout the Toronto core. nrbi continues to grow and is actively pursuing expanded capabilities in other urban centres across Canada. www.nrbi.co

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